TOG and History Timelines

I have seen so many homeschool sites and blogs mention history timelines.  I’ve seen everything from a premade timeline with stickers to a homemade timeline with hand-drawn illustrations.
Being a visual learner, I’ve always been drawn to a timeline for history.  So while planning for next year, I’ve been considering a timeline.
After researching timelines and viewing my options, I decided against creating a timeline for our upcoming year.  I don’t think the kids are old enough to associate people and events with dates.  Dates are not yet meaningful to them.  I think we will begin a history timeline on our next history cycle when Curly is closer to 10.

Timeline Resources

I did find a timeline resource that I would consider purchasing when we are ready to begin a timeline.  I like this timeline from Homeschool in the Woods and I like their printable timeline figures.  
This blog has an example of a homemade timeline and this site has blank printable timeline pages.
This site has instructions for completing a book of centuries and here is a template for creating a book of centuries.
This resource is a pre-printed timeline that is already complete with graphics and information.  Here are a few other completed timelines-Parthenon Graphics, The History Shop, World History Timeline Poster
Here is a timeline that also has stickers to complete it.
History Odyssey offers a timeline with stickers and Sonlight offers a timeline with figures.
Here is a game to teach the sequence of historical events.

Even though we are not going to create a timeline this year, I still wanted some sort of visual to help us remember historical figures and facts.  I’ve decided to purchase these Famous Figures of Medieval Times.  I think Curly will enjoy coloring the figures and piecing them together.  I plan to add some memory work for each figure and then display the figures in the order in which they lived.  That will be our timeline until Curly is able to assemble her own timeline in a few years.

We might also use the Draw and Write Through History: Vikings, Middle Ages, and Renaissance to learn some drawing techniques to help us decorate our own notebook pages.  We’ll skip the cursive copywork (or do it in print instead) since Curly isn’t ready to learn cursive.  I’m also considering ordering several coloring books such as the Life in a Medieval Castle, A Coloring Book of the Middle Ages, Renaissance Fashions, and The Story of the Vikings.  I might use the Story of the World Volume II for additional reading and purchase the Activity Guide for activity templates and coloring pages.

So, even without a timeline, I think we’ll have some fun visuals to compliment our history studies.  And one day I will get an awesome timeline!  One day!

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