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We love our iPad!  And this month we had the opportunity to review an iPad app.  The kids were so excited to try it out!

Mobile Education Apps offers the Rainbow Sentences App.  This program is designed to help students learn sentence structure.  The app has 3 levels with 3 additional settings in each level to adjust the difficulty.

Rainbow Sentences is designed to help students improve their ability to construct grammatically correct sentences by using color coded visual cues. The who, what, where, and why parts of sentences are color coded to help students recognize and understand how combinations of these parts create basic sentence structure.  (from the website)

In each level a picture is shown.  Below the picture are the words to the sentence describing that picture, but they are in the incorrect order.  The student must drag the words to the lines above the picture to place them in the correct order.  As the words are chosen, the student can hear them read aloud.  Once the sentence is complete, the sentence is read back to the student.  If words are not placed in the correct order, the app asks you to try again.  Only those words that are incorrectly placed are brought back down beneath the picture for the student to try again.  After a certain number of sentences are completed correctly, the student earns a puzzle piece.  Once all the pieces have been earned, the piece becomes animated. 


Here are some features of the program listed on the website:

  • 165 images to create sentence from
  • Intuitive drag and drop to create sentences
  • Words are spoken as they are being dragged for non readers
  • Words can be color coded for added visual support
  • Word groups can be selected to simplify sentence construction
  • 6 levels of sentence complexity
  • Pictograph lessons to help students learn proper sentence construction
  • Record feature allows students to record sentences in their own voice
  • Save and email recorded sentences
  • Students earn puzzle pieces during play to encourage continued play
  • Puzzles come to life once level is complete

The program actually has 3 levels with 3 difficulty settings.  The levels have progressively longer and more complex sentences.  Here are examples of sentences from each level:
Level 1:  The kangaroo is hopping.
Level 2:  The horse is running toward the track.
Level 3:  The plane is flying toward a cloud because he wants a bath.

There are 3 ways to adjust the difficulty of each of these levels.
Line Color Coding:  The lines at the top of the picture are color coded with blue for the subject and red for the predicate.  Other colors are used for other sentence components.
Word Color Coding:  The words are color coded to match the lines above for the correct part of speech.
Word Grouping:  The words are moved to the lines as a grouping of the part of speech rather than individual words.

Tiger and Bee were able to play at level 1 with the line color coding, word color coding, and word grouping turned on.  Curly was able to play levels 1 and 2 with the settings turned off and play level 3 with most of the settings turned on.


Cons:  The program allows you to set multiple user names.  However, when you switch between users, the settings are not saved.  You will have to readjust both the level and difficulty settings for each user.  I wish it would save the previous settings so I could seamlessly switch between users.  It did save their puzzle piece progress which was nice. 

Pros:  Rainbow Sentences was able to be played independently by my oldest 3.  By adjusting the levels and difficulty settings, they were each able to play at a level that challenged them but did not frustrate them.
The app helps improve reasoning skills as the student looks at the picture, determines what the picture represents, and then chooses the words in the correct order to reflect what they see.  The app is also great for reinforcing reading as Curly had to read through all the words in the incorrect order before reading them again in the correct order.  It also helps students see many types of complete sentences.

Overall:  I thought this app provided valuable reading and decoding practice, testing reasoning skills and reinforcing correct sentence structure.  The kids enjoyed the pictures and sentences as well as earning the puzzle pieces.  The kids were able to play independently at the various levels but still found the program challenging.  I think Rainbow Sentences is a fun and valuable app and the kids are excited to continue earning puzzle pieces and constructing new sentences.
The app is for ages 4 and up but my 3-year-old enjoyed moving the words to the colored lines as well.  I think she began to slowly recognize a few common words such as “a” and “the.”  

Rainbow Sentences by Mobile Education Apps can be purchased from the iTunes store for $7.99.  To watch a tutorial to learn more about Rainbow Sentences, click here.


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Disclaimer:  I received this app as a free download as part of the Schoolhouse Review Crew in exchange for an honest review.

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