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Ok, I’ve been working on our reader and read aloud lists for next year and I think they are complete.  I’m sure I’ll change things along the way but we should have plenty of book selections for next year.  We are so excited to get started!

Here is the PreK II read aloud list for Tiger (with Bee listening in):

PreK II Read Aloud List
Here is the reader and read aloud list for Curly.  I’ve chosen a wide variety of books both below, at, and above her level.

1st Grade Reader and Read Aloud List

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  1. okay. i'm adding one to your lsit- fantastic read aloud for all- Twig by Elizabeth Orton Jones
    it was our favorite last year. along with the betsy tacy books

  2. Thank you! I added that to our list! The Betsy Tacy Books are on my master list and we might add them in next year. I keep a spreadsheet of book ideas for each grade level : )
    We need to share book lists. Really…….I love finding new books!
    I have several Amazon gift cards that are tempting me!!!

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