A Contract!

Update:  And…..everything fell apart less than 24 hours later.  We don’t get to buy the house and the update on the situation is here.  So, while I’ll leave this post on the blog, the information is no longer correct. 

God is so faithful!  After much prayer and deliberation, we chose a house!  We put in an offer Saturday evening and heard back within a few hours that our offer was accepted.  We were shocked!  They did not counter or want to change anything significant in our offer.  What a huge blessing!

Sunday afternoon we signed all the papers and submitted everything to our realtor.  By Sunday evening the sellers had completed their paperwork.  On Monday morning a signed and completed contract was waiting for me in my inbox.  What a huge relief!

Our closing date is set for July 30th, just a few days after our old home should close.  Our furniture should be in transit July 27th and should arrive a day or two after our closing date.  This means that we only have 1 more month in our apartment and that we will be in our new house before August 1st.  I am so very very thankful!

I spent so much time worrying about our house selling and worrying about finding the right home here.  I could not wait to get settled and start thinking about a new school year.  But I realized that in all my worrying, I could do nothing outside of God’s plan and timing.  I finally gave up and resigned myself to wait for His timing.  A friend of mine had shared some wonderful advice with me, “Don’t let your worries make you weary.”  I was guilty of that.  I turned those over to the only Person who could perfectly orchestrate the situation and I worked to find peace.

On a Sunday morning on the way to church we had our offer on our old home.  By Sunday night the details were ironed out and we had a contract.  By the following Sunday, we had signed a contract on a new home.  When I gave up, God worked quickly

And let’s talk about timing-I’m so glad I waited!  The sellers had significantly reduced the price on the home even though it had only been on the market 45 days.  The day we made the offer they were in the process of relocating their family to another state.  They were on the road when they received our offer and were excited and too tired to counter.  They simply accepted.  God really does have the timing thing under control.

So, here are some pictures of the home that we hope will be ours in a month!  The kids love it and we have such a peace about our decision.

Here it is!  It is 4 bedrooms and 3.5 baths.
 This is the living room that is open to the kitchen and eating area.
 I love that it has double ovens!
 The kitchen with a gas range-great for cooking in our wok!
 The formal dining room will house the baby grand piano (and hopefully some books)!
 Here’s the study-Prince Charming and I might have to share this some….
 Our bedroom-I’m still debating on the wall color.
 Master bath
 1 of 3 bedrooms upstairs-this might be Tiger’s room and this one WILL be repainted.
 The big bedroom for the big girls to share.
 Another room to repaint!  This will be Ladybug’s room.
 Here is our homeschool room complete with a closet!  I’m still debating about this paint color which is actually more brown than gold (the picture doesn’t really accurately show the color).
 Covered patio!
 A very flat backyard that backs to a greenbelt!

 One of 2 neighborhood pools in the gated community.  The kids will love this!

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  1. This looks like an awesome home! I grew up in S.A. and love to go back, although it has grown and changed so much.

    So happy you waited for God to bless you. I've experienced that so many times – the whole thing about finally letting go and then watching God take over. It's much sweeter that way!

  2. Thanks! I'm so thankful for the way things worked out. Selling a house, moving into an apartment, buying a house, and planning to move again is so stressful! But we will be moved into our new house for a new school year and I can't wait for a normal-looking routine again!

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