TOS Review: Heritage History

Heritage History is a history curriculum that emphasizes the reading of living books in multiple genres as the basis for the study of history.  The website has an online library of over 400 narrative histories that can be viewed online.

Heritage History promotes traditional narrative history curriculum for homeschool. Our online library contains biographies, legends, adapted literature, and introductory histories. All were written for the general reader and are easy and enjoyable to read.  (from the website)

Heritage History offers 5 separate libraries that are available to purchase on CD Rom, allowing you to transfer all the books to an e-Reader. 
Young Readers
Ancient Greece
Ancient Rome
British Middle Ages
British Empire

I reviewed the Young Readers Collection, which is an introductory curriculum to world history containing easier to read selections from all time periods and genres.  This collection is for elementary students.

What’s Included
The CD includes a library of 86 books, many with illustrations.  The books are formatted well and can be printed or transferred to an e-Reader.

There is a New Users Section to introduce you to the program and the idea of using living books to teach history.  This section has tips for getting started and a recommendation of 3 books from each category to act as the “spine” of your reading program.  The student can then choose other books from each category as the topics interest them.

The Library Section contains all the books which can be viewed by subject, genre, with short summaries, or as parts of a series.

The subjects included with the Young Readers Collection are:
American History
European History
Ancient History
Bible and Saint Stories
Legends and Folklore
Historical Anecdotes
Other Topics

The genres listed are:
Stories from History
Short Biographies
Bible Stories
Legends and Folklore
Adapted Literature
Historical Fiction

The Study Aids Section contains an overview of the time periods, a listing and description of each major character mentioned throughout the literature, a listing of all major events with short descriptions, a library of all images from the books, as well as a Teacher’s Guide.

The program also includes a User Guide, FAQ section, and instructions for transferring the information to an e-Reader. 

The program is well organized.  You can search for literature by topic, or genre, or time period.  It is simple to find a book on your chosen topic.
The books are formatted well for easy reading on the computer or an e-Reader.
There is a wide selection, allowing you to choose topics and genres that are most interesting to your student.
The program contains many recommendations for getting started and for choosing the main books and supplementary books to your history program.

The books are all out-of-copyright books and some of the language is antiquated making it difficult for some students to understand, especially if reading through the literature on their own. 

We enjoyed many of the book selections on the different topics.  I love how the books are organized and easy to access.  We plan to use this program as a supplement to our history studies, enjoying the books as read alouds to enhance our studies.

Some of the books, even in the Young Readers Collection, were a little advanced for my young crew.  A few of the books I will be saving until they are a few years older and can better understand the language, topics, and vocabulary presented in the books.

An extra note-Many of these books are available online for free from various sources as they are no longer under copyright.  So, why pay for a CD library?  You are paying for the formatting and the ability to easily transfer the books to an e-Reader without having formatting issues.  You are also getting an excellently organized library that is searchable by subject, genre, or as part of a series.  I found the product to be worthwhile simply for the excellent formatting and ease of finding exactly what I was looking for whether on my computer or e-Reader. 

Each Collection is available for purchase on CD for $24.99 each or you can purchase the entire set for $99.99.

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Disclaimer:  As a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew, I received this product at no cost to me, in exchange for an honest review.  

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