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What is Time4Learning?  It is a complete online curriculum that combines education with interactive fun.  It includes animated lessons, interactive activities, printable worksheets, and detailed reporting.  The program has core lessons in math and language arts that correlate with state standards and most levels have social studies, science, and art. 

We had the privilege of accessing the curriculum for one month, using the PreK level for Tiger and the Early Elementary Level for Curly.

Pros:  The kids enjoyed the cute graphics and the fun songs.  They also liked the independence of completing lessons on their own.  As a parent, I have the ability to log in and change their learning levels and set the course of study.  I can also view their progress through the levels and see how they are scoring.  The kids found the program user-friendly with clear directions and even Tiger could do most of the activities without any of my help.

Cons:  The program would entail lots of sitting in front of the computer-without mom.  The kids enjoyed the computer time but were not motivated to use the program every day.  I missed the interaction with them and the involvement that I usually have with their education.  I also had to increase the learning levels more than once for Curly and once for Tiger.  The program did not seem overly difficult for them and I felt it was not challenging enough.  Curly was completing some of the second grade material without my help.  Once she was done with her computer time, she did not seem to have great retention of the material.

What did we think?  I don’t think we could use a program that was strictly computer based.  For my kids, they prefer more hands-on and face-to-face interaction.  We need more movement and much less sitting.  An online program would not be a fit at our house.  I also felt that the program was not challenging enough-the kids viewed the lessons more like a computer game.  I also missed watching my kids make connections and being more involved in their learning process.  However, the program would be great for a parent who wanted their child to be self-directed in the learning process.  I could see using this program as a supplement to our regular school, as long as I placed my children in the appropriate level, but the cost would be prohibitive if it was just a supplement.  My kids will miss the graphics and interactive games though!

Disclaimer:  I received a free trial of this program in exchange for my honest review. 

2 thoughts on “Review: Time4Learning

  1. I love T4L for my boys but then again we are about 5 grade levels apart, so I need them to be able to keep busy while I work with one or the other. Of course, we are a techy family as well,LOL. Sorry that it didn't work out for your family! Happy Homeschooling!

  2. I think because ours are so young and are so close in age, it's easier for me to combine most of our subjects and work together. And we're not techie either………especially me! But I could see us using something online as a supplement.

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