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Can you stand another post about Tapestry of Grace?  I’ve revamped my planning……….again…………I’m trying to get a better system in place for next year.

Here’s my new planning worksheet for Lower Grammar.

Let me explain how it works.

This sheet is just for me-it’s my reference page and contains all the info I need for teaching that Tapestry week.  I technically don’t have to print any other pages of the year plan unless I plan to use a literature worksheet.

Reading Assignments:  I list the books and page numbers of the books we are going to read for the week.  Not every column will have a book each week-which is so hard for me!  The extra category is for any extra resources I find or any books off the alternate reading assignment page.

Arts and Activities:  Here I list any projects we are going to complete during the week-or at least what I want to accomplish.  I also list any picture studies, artists, or techniques we will cover.

Writing Assignments:  In this section, I list any writing assignments or writing topic ideas for the week.  At this point, our assignments are often to draw a picture and write a sentence about the picture or to narrate the answer to a question.

Watch/View:  This is where I include links to any online videos or sites that would enhance our studies for the week.

Geography:  I have not done a good job with the geography assignments this year, so I’m hoping this system will help me focus more on geography.  In this section, I will list any important countries, cities, and bodies of water that we need to locate and/or label.

Discussion:  In some weeks, Tapestry has some discussion questions for the grammar level.  For those weeks without questions, I’m going to write down a few of my own to encourage the kids to discuss our studies and draw conclusions from the reading.

People:  I list the important people for the week with a short definition from the People Glossary on the Loom.

Vocabulary:  I list the vocabulary words that we are going to discuss for the week with the definition from the Glossary on the Loom.  Can I admit that there have been several words that I couldn’t define without the handy glossary? 

Notes:  And here are my teaching notes.  As I read through the teacher material in each week, I make a short outline of important people and events.  I refer to my notes throughout the week to make sure I have the big picture with any details I want to make sure we don’t forget.

I print the notes for each week and keep them in my binder.  They are a quick-glance reference for each week, and with them I make sure I cover the important points for the week and find time to do some mapwork, writing, and projects with some discussion.  This spreadsheet also makes Tapestry less overwhelming for me because I can only see the topics and activities that I have chosen from each week, rather than the entire list. 

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