PreK Art

We were given some fun art books by a friend and they have worked into our preschool art time perfectly!

Here’s what our PreK art looks like:  First we look at the picture and talk about the picture and the artist.  Each picture has a 3D element for the kids to feel as well.  Then we use a medium to create our own picture in a similar style.  The kids have surprised me with some of their renditions and interpretations.

Here’s a glimpse of some inside pages:  

Last week we studied this painting and used black crayon to draw our own picture which we then painted over with watercolors. 

Here is Curly’s interpretation:
Bee’s interpretation:
Tiger’s interpretation:

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  1. We are having so much fun with art this year! I'm really slacking in the science and music appreciation department though…….I need to step it up in those areas.
    These art books have been very simple and quick and the pictures the kids have made are turning out great! This has been pretty painless art!

  2. My youngest LOVES this series. We've been reading several a day for years. She just can't get enough. And it's paid off because she does recognize stuff when we go to museums. It's funny to see the staff open mouthed when the ankle biter names the painting and painter. lol

    Popping in from the crew

  3. We were so thankful that someone gave us their old books. Now I think I need the rest of the books in the series. They are great!
    We love going to art museums too and it's wonderful when kids can recognize the paintings.

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