Parent/Teacher Conference

We’ve been working on catechism during our praise and worship time.  We have a resource that has memory divided by age with catechism questions in the back.  We had been working through it in the fall but slacked off over the holidays and now we’re back at it.  We’ve had to start over, of course!

Bee is learning a verse and the first two questions and answers.  She is doing well!

Curly remembers some of her questions so is catching up quickly.  She is doing well too!

Tiger is learning his verse and we’ve been working on the first three questions and answers.  It has not been going well……..

Tonight, Daddy got a glimpse of the homeschool life as we worked with Tiger on the first question.

The first question is “Who made you?” and the answer is “God made me.”  Simple, right?  Not for Tiger!

We went over the question and answer more than 20 times.  When we would ask the question, Tiger would respond, “God.”  While that is correct, we really wanted him to answer in a complete thought.  We worked and reviewed and tried all kinds of tricks to get him to say the entire answer.  He had every excuse in the book, his legs were tired, he was confused, he forgot, etc.  It was driving Prince Charming absolutely crazy!

Finally he gave up and gave in to laughter.  I told him that he was getting a small taste of what some days were like around our house.  I told him I needed a raise but I didn’t get any pity from him.  Instead he asked, “Can we fire students?  Aren’t we a private school?  Can he be suspended?”  At this point, I couldn’t hold back the laughter.  Prince Charming continued, “Who is this child’s teacher?  I demand a parent/teacher conference!”  The kids were bewildered and thinking we were completely crazy. 

We tried one more time, “Tiger, who made you?”

God made me!  And then he gave us a look like we were the crazy ones!  Sheesh…….I knew that answer was somewhere in his little brain.

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