Less is More

We enjoy a few extracurricular activities at Lextin.

All the kids enjoy the AWANA program at church.  Curly is a Sparkie, Tiger is a Cubbie, Bee is a Puggle, and Ladybug is an AWANA Bee.  I’m a listener for each level and get to hear lots of verses each week which makes me live in a perpetual state of confusion and then mix up everyone’s verses.  Curly always sets me straight though!

The 3 oldest are taking Suzuki violin lessons.  Curly knows multiple songs and enjoys playing duets with her teacher.  Tiger and Bee play on an egg carton “violin” with a stick as they practice bow holds and rhythms.  We don’t yet trust them with the real thing.

I’m giving Curly some piano lessons each week.  She enjoys being able to practice on her own and she even tries to teach Tiger and Curly.

Once a week, Curly takes ballet lessons at a Christian studio in our town.  The studio offers day classes for homeschool students which works out perfectly.  Curly enjoys the small class size and I enjoy keeping most of our evenings free for family time.

There’s our list of extra curricular activities.  It’s pretty short, isn’t it?  There’s a reason behind that.

We don’t want to rush around every day or most evenings shuttling kids back and forth to various activities.  Plus, with the young ages of our kids, there are very few activities we can participate in anyway.

We would rather have free days and evenings for impromptu field trips or trips to the park.  So, we take the less is more approach and enjoy the flexibility.

As the kids are older, I’m sure we’ll be involved in more things at their request.  But for now, we cherish all the play time we enjoy at home – cooking up pretend food in the play kitchen, hiding out in our backyard fort, playing family games, or exploring the neighborhood on scooters.

Participate in extra curricular activities with the TOS Crew.  Link goes live on March 27.

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