Hey Coach!

I remember 8th grade science.  I remember the class but not one bit of the science.  Who thought that asking the coach to be the science teacher was a good idea?

No, I’ve never enjoyed science.  Those science classes didn’t help either.  So, with our homeschool, I’m determined to make science enjoyable and memorable-in a good way! 

When we first began our journey, I was indoctrinated on the merits of nature study.  I don’t think it’s quite us.  We tried the Usborne science activity books, not a perfect fit either.  I’ve glanced through textbook programs but can’t picture that working for us.  I looked into multiple experiment kits but I get tired of the messes, and my kids have no attention span in waiting for an experiment to be set up. 

Science has been discouraging.  I want to give my kids science even at their ages.  I don’t want them to be intimidated by scientific terms and topics and I want them to revel in and enjoy God’s creation.  Science should be a subject that is *wonder* full.

So, I’ve determined that the best science resources for us are ones that change with the seasons and with our interests.  Some days we sit outside and enjoy the trees and flowers, other days we complete a short experiment, and still others we read books about science.  There is no one perfect resource for science at our house.  In order to enjoy science, we need a wide variety of methods and approaches. 

What are we loving in our science time?  We’ve discovered the Apologia elementary series and the kids beg to read them.  We sometimes enjoy a science movie from Netflix or even youtube.  The kids crowd around the iPad and wonder at the galaxy and images of auroras.  Experiment kits are another resource we enjoy when Daddy is around to lend a hand.  The kids have especially enjoyed these kits with simple experiments that enable them to participate.  We also love to read at our house and science time would never be complete without a copious amount of books to be read.  And we’ve recently discovered Nancy Larson Science.  With it’s hands-on-approach and age appropriate activities, my kids are thrilled with science time.  And sometimes we do Charlotte Mason proud as we perch in our fort in the backyard and listen for birds.

For us, science requires multiple resources and a unique blend of various approaches to bask in the glory of God’s creation.  Some creative effort might be needed on my part, but our science has been an enjoyable time together and I learn as much as the kids do.  It’s a wonderful shared experience!

So, I don’t have to revisit the memories of middle school or be intimidated to teach science.  But I do have a message for the coach-

Hey Coach!  Science can be fun and it should be!  And you can actually learn something along the way!

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