February 28, 2012

Here’s a day in our life from Tuesday:

6 am – That’s when my alarm goes off for the first time.  I usually hit snooze several times…..working on that!

6:30 am – Bible study and quiet time for me

7:30 am – Ladybug starts stirring.

7:45 am – Curly appears in the kitchen so she helps me get breakfast on the table and does a spelling test.

8 am – I wake Bee and Tiger to start our day.  We have breakfast and devotions at the table-a children’s story Bible, Leading Little Ones to God, and Explorer’s Beginnings Precious in His Sight.

8:30 am – I spend some time picking up and the kids finish breakfast and play with Ladybug.

9 am – Bible time in the homeschool room with Bible Study Guide for All Ages.  Tiger and Bee color as they listen to the stories and then we enjoy song time together.

9:30 am – Ladybug takes her first nap of the day and we scramble to start school.  Curly does logic and copywork while I do Tiger’s All About Reading Program.  Today we learned the letter “q” and practiced writing letters i, j, k, l, and f.  Bee participates by playing with puppets and drawing on a white board.  Then we work on Tiger’s math program-Critical Thinking’s Hands on Thinking Skills.  Bee helps by playing with all the manipulatives.

10 am – We gather around the small art table for art time from Artistic Pursuits.  The kids use chalk pastels to recreate an Egyptian drawing from a palace wall.  While they draw, I read Tiger’s history, science, and read alouds-A Child’s History of the World, Christian Liberty Press Nature Reader, and Uncle Wiggily.  We get out some playdoh when they’re done so they can enjoy playing while I read Curly’s read aloud-Farmer Boy.

10:30 am – I check on Ladybug and get her up while the kids do some quick clean up.  Curly has violin time with me while the others play in the living room.

11 am – I start on dishes and laundry while the kids play together.

11:30 am – I start preparing lunch and call to check on hubby at work.  So far it’s been a successful morning!

12 pm – Lunch!  We sit around the table and enjoy leftover homemade Pad Thai while I read one of Tiger’s other read alouds-Ella by Bill Peet.  Ladybug fusses through the entire meal and throws her lunch at me.  Yesterday I suspected she was getting sick and today I’m positive-she’s coming down with a cold.  And judging from the sneezing and sniffling coming from Bee, she’ll be the next to fall.

12:30 pm – The kids enjoy more play time while I clean up lunch dishes and do more laundry.  Ladybug repeatedly attempts to climb into the dishwasher as I work.  I give up on dishes and go check the laundry.  As I pull out the wet clothes I realize that a used pull up was washed with them.  The mess!  I decide to put Ladybug in her room to give me some time to clean out the washer.  20 minutes later I’m rewashing my first load of laundry.  Not much progress happening now.  Ladybug and Bee are both crying and Tiger and Curly are arguing.  Time to intervene!  Ladybug is put to bed and the other kids are given a few jobs to help pick up.

1 pm – Afternoon school has begun!  I give Bee and Tiger identical Preschool Activity Bags and they work on their matching project while I work on history with Curly-Tapestry of Grace.  Today we’re talking about Babylon and the book of Daniel.  Bee and Tiger decide they are interested in the story and climb into the other bean bags to listen.

1:30 pm – Bee becomes impossible and is on the floor screaming.  She’s definitely getting sick.  I take her off to her room for some rest time and help her pick a CD.  Tiger and Curly are given some clean up instructions.  We meet back in the homeschool room for science but Tiger decides he’s bored.  He heads to his room to listen to his Winnie the Pooh audio book.  Curly and I do her Nancy Larson Level 1 science together.  Bee comes in looking for a Kleenex.  

2:00 pm – I put Tiger and Bee into his room together to play.  I run another rinse cycle on the clothes.  Then we start Curly’s math-Right Start Level A.  We begin with games and then work halfway through one lesson.  We finish with some practice on the white board.

2:30 pm – All the kids are hungry so I cut up pears, refill water bottles, and send them off to their hallway where they can play games, do puzzles, or play in their rooms.

2:45 pm – I spend some time preparing lessons for the rest of the week and picking up the homeschool room.  I can hear the sounds of Winnie the Pooh and Piglet with the sound of Bach from Classical Kids coming from another room.

3:00 pm – I have some time to catch up on emails and work on cleaning out my desk while Ladybug naps.

4 pm – Everyone is up and ready to go.  We have another snack time and check the mail and then start the clean-up process.

4:30 pm – Daddy is home and dinner prep starts.

5:30 pm – We finally sit down to our meal together as ginger cookies are baking in the oven for dessert.

After dinner it’s off to get haircuts for the kids, back for showers, praise and worship time together, reading, and then off to bed!  What a day!

Here are my students from today:

And for some reason this song kept running through my head as I rewashed loads of laundry and did mountains of dishes…..Just another day in our little paradise….

2 thoughts on “February 28, 2012

  1. And just think, some of our non homeschooling friends and maybe even a few husbands here and there, think we do nothing all day! haha
    Hope your kiddos are feeling better!

  2. I think we deserve a little respect……..lol
    And thank you! My kids are feeling much better. I think it might have been allergies actually. They haven't slowed down much…….

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