The Perfect Homeschool Curricula

At our house, curricula shopping is one of the most exciting part of homeschooling.  I have yet to find the “perfect” one though.

In talking with another homeschool mom a few months ago, she used the words “perfect curricula” over and over and over.  What she was using was *perfect*!  The bliss and the joy!

We weren’t using very many of the same things so I began to wonder if my choices were somehow less than perfect.  After all, she was the seasoned homeschool mom and I’m still new to this.  Maybe I’m making some really wrong choices.

Choices!  But that’s what I have through homeschooling; I have so many choices.

What the other mom used for her girls was the perfect fit for her family.  What I use at our house is the perfect fit for us.  I homeschool to have the choice to find something just right for us-and if it’s not quite perfect, I have the freedom to tweak a little here and tailor a little there.  I can find the *perfect* curricula-for us.

So before I share the wonderful advantages of the curricula we use, I’ll make sure to start with the disclaimer that the curricula is perfect *for us*.  And what’s perfect for us this year, may not fit the changing needs and interests of my kids next year. 

The illusive “perfect” curricula does not exist. 

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  1. So true. As a new homeschooler I was swayed at every twist and turn, and consequently spent a lot of money! I finally learned that there was nothing wrong with me or my kids if a curriculum that was "perfect" and popular didn't work for us.

    Curriculum and lesson planning are my two favorite things about homeschooling – especially when the result is a smile, laugh or light bulb moment for one of my kids.

  2. After 14 years of home schooling, and owning a "complete set" of curriculum for each grade, I still try new things here and there. Plus, with each child having a different learning style things that worked for the first two, girls, do not necessarily work for the boys! With so many styles and opinions out there, we ultimately just have to know our kiddos and do what's right for them and our families. Sounds like it do a great job with that!

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