If you’ve ever told someone you are a stay-at-home mom, then you’ve probably been on the receiving end of a particular comment.  I know you’ve heard it many times if you’ve had to fess-up to being a homeschool mom.

“I could never do that!”

Is that a compliment or an insult?

The person seems to imply that I am some sort of superhuman mom, “Wondermom,” that I would choose to willingly stay home and homeschool my kids.  Or are they implying that I’m crazy and they don’t think mine is a job worth doing?

I’m not ever sure how to reply when I receive that comment.  I wonder what would happen if I turned the tables on them and replied in the same way:  “I could never do that.  You mean you go to work or you put your kids in daycare or you take your kids to school every morning?  No, I could never do that.”

I imagine they would be beyond offended.  Why don’t they think that I might feel the same way when I’m on the receiving end?

The life they’ve chosen-I could never do that.  The life I’ve chosen-they could never do that.  Does it really matter?  Can’t we agree to disagree?  I’m not asking them to walk in my shoes and I sure don’t want to spend a day in theirs.  

I’m not supermom and I don’t think I’m crazy either.  I don’t need the commentary.  I love what I do and even though there are days that I think, “I can never do this,” I know I have a God who gives me the grace to fulfill my calling.

So, I can do this and I choose to do it daily, that doesn’t make me supermom.  Even though I made my choice doesn’t mean I always enjoy it, but I do try to cherish the moments.  I know there are some who think they couldn’t do it or maybe could never be persuaded to even try, but it is my job and I think I’d prefer to do it without any comments.

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