Small Talk

I love all the little things the kids come up with each day.

Curly recently asked me if I was famous.  Sadly, I had to tell her that I wasn’t.  She asked if I had ever written a book or some songs that made me famous.  No on that count too.  She told me she was going to write some song books.  Maybe she will be the famous one someday.

Bee has been walking up to people this week and saying, “I like you!”  So sweet!  Then she interjects the word “Poops” into the conversation next.  We can never escape potty talk at our house!

Tiger told me he was like a Chinese person.  I asked him why and he told me that he was going to invent some new gunpowder.  He does actually listen to our history lessons!

Bee and Curly went with me to a play about Snow White.  On the way, Bee told me that she thought Snow White was beautiful.  I agreed.  Then Bee commented, “She’s beautiful just like me!”

Bee has been insisting that she cannot hear me or anyone else when they talk to her.  She tells everyone that there is a little man walking around in her ear so she can’t hear us.  Convenient?  It’s a very creative excuse for ignoring me I think.

As I was cooking dinner, Bee entered the kitchen to complain about what I was cooking.  I asked her to wait until she actually tried dinner before she complained.  She then told me, “I don’t like that.  I just don’t like food.  I only eat cake!!!”  Sorry Bee, food first and then cake.  (She did end up enjoying her dinner, eating two helpings and then she got her chocolate cake).

I love how their little minds work!

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