Science Dilemma

I’m not a science mom.  It’s just not my thing.  But my kids enjoy science-type activities so I try really hard to make sure we do some science every week.

We started out with Apologia Astronomy this year and my kids loved it.  We read a short section each day and finished the book in early January-long before I had planned to complete it.  So that left me with a dilemma-what to do now?

I researched some of our options and was torn between REAL Science Odyssey Earth and Space and Nancy Larson Level 1.  Both programs are secular and are geared for lower elementary levels.

REAL Science offered short reading sections, a book list, and many science experiments per topic.

Nancy Larson offered an all inclusive kit with a short reading section, review worksheets, books to illustrate, hands on projects, and a few books.  You can also request a reading list from the publisher which outlines books to correspond to each chapter topic.  The company put me in touch with several other moms who used Nancy Larson science and they were very helpful in answering my questions and telling me what the program looked like in practice at their house. 

In the end, Nancy Larson won out.  I decided that I would never be up to collecting all the items for the experiments for REAL Science.  I knew the experiments would not get done and if those experiments failed, I would lose my audience with their very short attention spans.  We’ll save programs with experiments for when the kids are older and able to follow directions and complete some experiments on their own.  I want a program that will be used and not pushed aside.

The price was not very budget friendly though.  However, the price will be worth it if science actually gets accomplished around our house and if the kids enjoy it.  I want them to be exposed to science topics and scientific terms at a young age so upper level science will be less intimidating to them later.  

So, this spring we’re going to try out Nancy Larson Science with its Montessori hands on approach and see how the kids enjoy it.

It almost felt like Christmas when our box arrived!

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