Overdoing It

I have already admitted to serious overkill in the curricula category.  Yes, I sometimes supplement my supplements.  But, really, our school days are filled with twice as much free and imaginative play.  I don’t feel like we’re overloaded.  You might think so.  But I think it’s all in the presentation.

On a homeschool forum the other day, one mom bragged shamelessly about doing 20 subjects a day with her two kids who are around 10 years old.  20!  What in the world?  One of my friends called in a panic to make sure that I (the OCD and overachieving one) did NOT do 20 subjects a day as well.  I didn’t even know there were 20 subjects.  Then I read over the mom’s list and she has things like “50 states study” and “historical novel reading”.  Well, the first one would be part of geography and the second one should either be grouped in with history or with literature.  That’s not 20 different subjects, dearie!

Hello!  I could make my schedule sound totally awesome and very academic too, through big words and vague descriptions.  I can be a snob and insist that I do more than 20 subjects a day!  My children are brilliant and overachieving!  In case you were having a rough day or felt slightly insecure, let me rub it in your face just a little.  Isn’t that what sweet jammie-clad homeschool mommies do?  So, to flaunt our academic success and make you feel bad about yourself, here is our list of all the subjects that we cover (and that you should be covering too):

Basic Mathematics
Reading Comprehension
Literary Analysis
Memory Work
Bible Memory Work
Home Ec
Art Appreciation
Map Work
Critical Thinking
Ancient History
Biblical History

So, I do in fact do much more than this other mom!  And yes, my child is six.  I guess I could brag about it too…..or I could be truthful and explain each one fully and also post about our daily schedule.  Then you would know that what we do is actually somewhat typical with some academics thrown in.  I could come up with fancy names or I could even list the curricula that I use, along with any supplements.  It does sound like a lot.  But it’s very doable and actually fun.  Our days are a comfortable routine and filled with play.  Come back tomorrow for a dose of reality as I outline our “real” list of subjects.

And don’t brag.  Don’t compare.  There’s no reason for it and no point to it all.  We’re glad for you that your child will enter college at age 4.  Really.  That’s nice.  We’re glad that you have a wonderful schedule and you have discovered the keys to academic success.  But there’s no reason to post it all over the internet as a shove in our face.  We don’t need you as a measuring stick.  That just makes the rest of us feel bad (and might relieve you of a few friends).  We don’t need help to feel insecure.  We’re all working diligently to find the balance between mommy and teacher and wife.  It isn’t easy.  Insecurity loves to sneak in.  Maybe though, if you feel the need to flaunt your pretentious-sounding schedule, we should worry more about your insecurities than our own. 

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