Candyland Party

Well, this post is very overdue but here are some pictures of the kids’ Candyland Birthday Party.

Curly and Tiger’s birthdays are a day apart and we celebrate their birthdays together.  This year we had a Candyland Party.  We decorated the house with balloon gumdrops and paper plate candies and lollipops.  We had a candy bar for the guests.  The kids walked through the house with Mr. Mint, the host.  They went to each station to either play a game or do a craft.  We had pin the nose on the ginger bread man, ring toss in Peppermint Forest, building gum drop and toothpick sculptures in Gum Drop Mountain, digging in packing peanuts for prizes in Peanut Acres, lollipop walk in Lollipop Woods, decorating snow flakes ornaments in Snowflake Lake, fishing for candy in the Chocolate Swamp, and decorating gingerbread men at the Candy Castle. 

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