Happy Birthday Tiger!

Today, our little Tiger turns 4!  Happy Birthday to our great guy!

Four years of fun memories!!

 Our sweet fighter pilot….just waiting to hold you!
 The first time Daddy held you!  So proud!
 Couldn’t believe they let us leave with a tiny 5-pound baby!  There wasn’t an outfit that would fit!
 You sure grew fast!  Maybe that’s because you loved to eat!
 And you’ve always been stylish….
 and mischievous too!
 You love anything that might be considered a ball
 And your front teeth have been chipped from babyhood
 The typical messy boy who is always, always hungry!
 One who adores big sis and loves to be her reading buddy
 Did I mention you’ve always been messy?
 Ever the explorer
 And capturer of bugs (or pinecones)
 Great hider and seeker
 And sometimes all worn out
 My little game partner….ever competitive
 You march to your own beat (and ride to it too)
 The loving protective brother to all 3 sisters
 The master sand castle maker
 And the builder
Happy Birthday to our favorite little guy!

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Tiger!

  1. Awe, man. Not good. I'm so glad to hear that I'm not the only one going through this terrible, defiant time with their child…but I hate it that the rash is thrown into the mix for you. Hugs, momma. (tried to post this on your hives blog, but it wouldn't go through, in reference to bee's rash and tantrums)

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