Happy Birthday Curly!

Happy Birthday to the oldest princess!  Curly is 6 today!  That should not be possible!!!

And yes, in case you were wondering, their birthdays really are a day apart.  No, that wasn’t planned.  It makes for a busy December for us!

 Our sweet little preemie with a head full of black hair
 Just waiting for your release from PICU so we can take you home for the second time!
 The stylish one
 The sometimes sleepy one
 The infamous bucket-head
 Full of smiles
 Always ready to read a book in the rocker
 Enjoying time with your very favorite person
 The dress-up queen from even the youngest age
 The swimming girl
 One who does not like to be messy

 Always putting on a show
 Sometimes thoughtful
 And other times mischievous
 Prepared for anything
 One who loves school and asks to do it every. single. day
 Always ready for a photo-op
 Sometimes pouty
 The artist
 The helpful big sis!
 One who will occasionally try new things….
 Happy Birthday Curly girl!

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