Zoo Day

With (slightly) cooler weather, I have felt strong enough to brave the zoo.  We made it to the zoo on one overcast day and were 1 of 5 people who were crazy enough to go.  People down here think it’s cold!  What is wrong with them??  Anyway, I enjoyed the absence of crowds.

 We began our day with optimism!  Well, Curly was optimistic.  The other two were…..at least looking in my direction.
 Look at the camera Bee!  Tiger is so over the picture-taking.
 Why are you frowning Buddy??
 Ladybug also decided that she no longer enjoyed her stroller.  Whenever I set her down, screaming ensued.  I spent the entire zoo day with a baby strapped to me.  And if you’ve seen Ladybug lately, you’d know that she is not a light load!
 We wandered through bamboo forests
 We befriended lions……and began to get a little sleepy…..
And we ended our trip like this.  Do you have any idea how heavy they were???  And I’m still toting around Ladybug.  That was my workout for the week!

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