Stereotypical Homeschooler

Before I homeschooled I always thought there was the stereotypical homeschool mom.  What first comes to mind?  A denim jumper?  Poufy hair?

Of course, there are homeschool moms who fit that description.  And I had met some.  (who were all wonderful people by the way………)

However, I knew that most would agree with this description as the stereotypical homeschool mom.  But what about everyone else?  There’s an entire community of moms who don’t fit that first mold, but I just lumped them together as the “other” homeschoolers.  I had no idea there was such diversity among that group of others.  I’ve learned a thing or two and found that it can be hard to find your niche, and that as a homeschool mom, you often don’t fit in with other homeschool moms.

So, this post might step on a few toes (more on that later), just so long as they’re not my freshly-painted hot pink ones though, right? Sorry about that!

Now that we are more “officially” homeschooling, I have had the opportunity to meet many other homeschool moms.  And I’ve discovered that the stereotypical homeschool mom viewpoint is very narrow.  There are in fact, just as many varieties of homeschool moms as there are public school moms.  We are very different too.  Wow!  This was news to me, and I bet many outsiders would not even begin to believe me.

You just can’t put homeschool moms into a box.  There isn’t the stereotypical homeschool mom.  She doesn’t exist.

There are those who homeschool for purely religious reasons, for academic ones, or for both- or for a host of other reasons (food allergies anyone?).  There are those who use the boxed curricula, who make their own curricula, or those who piece together curricula.  There are those who are Charlotte Masonish, or Classical-ish, Unit Study-ish, school-at-home-ish, or unschool-ish. 

As a new homeschooler it can be very difficult to meet other homeschool moms, especially ones that share your viewpoints and who are “like you.”

So, I thought about writing a wanted ad to find someone more like me.  Is there a Homeschool Match dot com?
Wanted:  Homeschool mom of little people.  A religious, health-food conscious, crunchy granola, non-TV watching, suburbia-living, capri-pant wearing, piece-it-together curricula, classical, Charlotte-Masonish bookworm with well-behaved kids.

But Prince Charming came up with a much simpler way to classify homeschool moms.  He noticed a trend that I had overlooked.  He noticed that I meshed most with homeschool moms with painted toes, preferably the fire-engine red or hot pink variety.

So, I guess what I’m looking for is a mom with a pedicure, whether do-it-yourself or not. 

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  1. Your observations are very true. The label, "homeschoolers", just means that these children are not taught in the typical school classroom, that's all. Beyond that, it's really a case of anything goes. Sometimes it may be easier to find like-minded homeschoolers in the blogsphere than in our immediate physical location.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier. 🙂

  2. Ha! This was funny. I've made some very good online/blogger friends, but no one in person unfortunately. I still feel that I know them, though even through email. It's good to have someone to commiserate and celebrate with!

    I have three little girls and my toes are always painted. Of course, they're sometimes purple because that's my middle daughter's favorite color and it was her turn to choose the nail polish last time. *grin*

  3. Well…..

    I'm a Homeschool mom of little people. I'm religious, slightly crunchy granola (I breastfed my babies and used a midwife with my last birth, does that count?), suburbia-living, capri-pant wearing, piece-it-together curricula, classical, Charlotte-Masonish bookworm with well-behaved kids.

    However, I'm not a health food nut, we do watch some tv/movies around here (a limited amount) and I only do my toes on occasion. I guess three strikes and I'm out, huh? 🙂

    P.S.- Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  4. Ok, I've actually got 4 strikes, lol. I just looked up "Crunchy Granola" and found it means "A crunchy granola is a person who is lives in a healthy, green, vegetarian way. This person often supports Greenpeace and other such environmental and anti-war groups."

    I guess breastfeeding and using a midwife don't count, lol.

  5. LOL Love your ad!

    A friend recently started homeschooling and had lots of questions. The first thing I told her was that no 2 homeschoolers are alike…so if you're not comfortable with something someone suggest, it's OK.

  6. Jennifer-I consider breastfeeding and midwives as crunchy granola : ) That's my definition. And we do watch movies….we just don't have cable. And we only eat super healthy because we have to-see my other blog for our food allergy life.

    It's so true. Homeschoolers are so different! Isn't it wonderful to have options?!

  7. Thanks for stopping by my Thanksgiving post. You're right that homeschoolers come in all varieties! I'm a homeschool mom of little people. religious. Spent 3+ years not owning a TV until about 6 months ago. suburbia-living, capri-pant wearing, piece-it-together curricula, classical, Charlotte-Masonish bookworm with well-behaved kids. And my polish is a deep red. 🙂

  8. Hi Lexi! Just wanted to say thank you for stopping by my blog. I'm glad you found me. We seem to have a lot in common, though I would not call myself crunchy in the slightest and I am too short to make capris work. And maybe it is because I have boys, but I can't even remember the last time I painted my toes.

  9. Laura-Aww : ) Thanks! People like me do really exist! Crazy! And I'll see you tomorrow!! And we can talk about King Tut!

    Stephanie-Isn't it nice to have a break from TV? I haven't missed it! I've changed my polish to deep red too-for fall!

    Catie-I can barely make capris work but I try because it's so hot here!

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