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We are using Tapestry of Grace this year.  And we love it!  The books are wonderful and there is enough information, project ideas, and mapwork to keep us very busy.  My biggest problem is figuring out a way to plan Tapestry……to organize Tapestry…….to emerge from the TOG FOG.

So, I’ve again revamped how I plan for our weeks.  Here is our current plan:

At the beginning of each week I make a Word document with all the information I need for the week.  I was spending too much time flipping between assignment charts, reading charts, activity ideas, etc. that I was forgetting things.  Now, everything is organized in one document with 8 categories:

Read-This is where I list the books we are going to use for this week.  This is helpful because I often add in some extra resources that were not originally in Tapestry.  Now, I have a master list of the Tapestry books and extras we are planning to use.
Do-Here is our list of activities for the week.
Write-We’ve been using the Tapestry writing assignments at a minimum but are slowly doing a little more with then as we go.  Here I list what portion of the writing assignments we are going to complete for the week.
Watch-This is Tiger’s favorite part of our Tapestry week.  Here I list links for any YouTube or Netflix videos that we will watch to enhance our studies.
People-Here I list the people that we are going to study that week with a brief description.  I plan to get a timeline to help us visualize each person’s place in history, but for now we make sure to review the person and their historical significance as we go.
Vocabulary-I list the vocab words we are going to define that week.  I also include the definition listed on the Loom as a cheat for myself.
Note-As I read the Teacher’s Notes, I make a brief outline of the main points I want to cover with Curly.  This way I can connect all the dots for her and make sure she gets the big picture of our studies.
Discuss-I type some critical thinking questions for us to have short discussions on our readings.  I hope this will prepare her as we move into the upper levels in later years.  Some discussions are included in the assignment sections, and if so, I copy those into my document.

These teaching notes for myself have been a huge help.  I no longer feel like I am forgetting anything and I know exactly what parts of the week plan I have chosen to cover.  It also lets me check off each item as we finish.  I have Tapestry check boxes……… is possible!!!!!

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  1. I love TOG too 🙂 I plan by using highlighters and making lots of notes on my copies. I have DE plus print so I can write all over it without feeling guilty. Your plan sheet sounds awesome!

  2. I have the DE version and I've only printed off the LG stuff. It's wonderful to be able to print what I need! The binders are MUCH less intimidating with only LG papers! I had to create my own little sheet so I could have a checklist of sorts. I could not handle flipping between the reading assignment pages and the activity pages. I needed everything on one page in front of me. I feel like we're really getting comfortable with Tapestry and I like it more each week!!!
    You have lots more TOG planning to do though, with more than one kiddo to plan for. I know I've read your TOG posts on your blog! : )

  3. Lexi, When you put the vocab words and definitions on your cheat sheet, do you retype them? I have not seen a way to copy and paste them.

  4. My husband suggested printing them and then scanning them back in. I think I will try that next time. I am a pretty fast at typing but it is still more work than I care to do each time.

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