Musical Beds

This was a post from the beginning of our school year that got overlooked.  So, here it is, a little late.  We had some rearranging to do before we began the new school year………

It was time for Ladybug to move out of our room!  I want my sleep back!

Unfortunately, with the addition of Ladybug, we had more kids than bedrooms.  So, someone had to double up.  The big girls were chosen to share a room and the search was on for bunk beds.  Prince Charming found a great bunk with stairs (that have drawers for storage!).  We placed our order.

The bed came in a million pieces that were unlabeled.  Yikes!  I chose the job of project supervisor and kept the kids away from all the screws, nails, and bolts while hubby grabbed his drill and actually read the instructions.  Thankfully, his parents were in town that weekend so they helped with the projects.  Hours later the beds were put together and the girls were thrilled.

Then we had an epiphany.  Mattresses!  So began a frantic search for two twin mattresses.  One store kept trying to sell us a single twin mattress.  Umm…..we’ll take 2 please!  They only had 1!  We found another store about 5 minutes before closing time and were out the door 5 minutes later with new mattresses.

We’re still working to keep the girls in the beds and quiet, but I guess that will take some time.  During all the moving and putting together, Tiger got himself a big boy bed with a new comforter.  He’s a happy camper!  And Ladybug is in the big crib in her own quiet room.  Our room is child free.  Now, I can no longer use the sleeping baby as an excuse not to jump on the treadmill.

Trying it out for the first time!
Daddy’s helper
Big guy!

6 thoughts on “Musical Beds

  1. Love that bunkbed set! My two oldest girls share a room with bunkbeds, too. ;0) I like those dresser stairs. Wish ours had them!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I really do like the Memoria Press Phonics/Reading set, better than Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons actually. It just seemed to "click" for us and it was more self-paced than 100 Easy Lessons. Just my two cents.

    I'm following your blog now!

  2. Sara-The 100 EZ Lessons did NOT work for us. I don't plan to try it with my other kiddos. Therefore, I'm always hunting for something else!
    And we do love this bunk bed! The drawers are wonderful and it's so sturdy. Prince Charming did not enjoy putting it together because I think it had a million little pieces but it was so worth it! And the stairs are wonderful for Bee who would never make it down a ladder safely after she visited Curly.
    We're enjoying our quiet room without children and I'm definitely sleeping better! And I'm making myself get on the treadmill sometimes too!

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