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We recently had some family pictures done by the photographer who’s done the last several sessions with us.  They are beautiful-of course!  She does a fantastic job and the sessions have been so stress free!  And the results are amazing.  I do realize that I’m a little biased toward my own little family, but there’s nothing better than documenting the smiles and the laughter.

Looking through my set of pictures for the fifth-or maybe hundredth-time, I had a thought (every once in a while I have a quiet moment and can actually think).

Our family looks so perfect, so happy, so together, so peaceful.  The smiles, the balloons, the tiny chairs, all back-lit with the morning sun.  It’s blissful!

I’ve blog hopped my way around during some late night nursing sessions with Ladybug and I’ve seen amazing blogs with stunning family pictures.  They look perfect.  But behind each shot there is a story of a family that is less than perfect.

Families are messy.  It is tough work.  I don’t think anything can possibly prepare you for all that family life entails.

You see the gorgeous engagement, wedding, baby, and family pictures and you crave that perfection and togetherness.  You don’t see any of the mess outside of those frames.

I think in our busyness, our over-committedness, our rushing around, and our self-importance we often try to create an image of perfection as we strive to maintain that picture perfect portrait of our family life.

All gorgeous family pictures should come with a disclaimer:  Here we are, but only the very best shots.  This is our family in front of the camera.  But behind the scenes we are sometimes cranky, messy, irritable, and generally less than perfect.

Isn’t it easy to think the grass is greener in their family pics?  Well, don’t measure yourself against the beautiful sun-kissed photo shoots.  Know that there are more moments of imperfection than not.

So, with that being said, here are our family portraits.  

6 thoughts on “Family Portrait

  1. I love your photos! Just beautiful!

    You are so right. The photos should come with a disclaimer. 🙂 We are just all so blessed that we have those happy moments to record and that we get a new opportunity each day to try to make it even better.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind comments.

    Many blessings,

  2. Love your pictures!

    Your words are so true! Our family pictures show the smiling, happy side of our family. They don't show the argument with my husband about him not helping me get the kids ready, the meltdown because my daughter didn't want her hair brushed. or the bribery it took to get my son to actually smile for the picture.

    That's why I like snapshots so much better than posed pictures. The memory is more important to me that the picture itself.

  3. Thank you for stopping by my site! Your post reminds me that we're overdue for a family shot! And you're right, life is messy…but while in the mess it sure is nice to walk by the stunning posed photograph, take a deep breath, and jump back into the crazy!

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