Vocabulary Lesson

You would think I would learn!  But no, apparently not!  If the kids are quiet for more than 10 seconds, my life is over.  Disaster!

However, sometimes I have to do dishes or laundry or take a phone call or feed the baby.  This time it was the dishes.  I was just trying to get them in the dishwasher.  I knew the sink was somewhere under that mountain and I was determined to find it!

Silence.  And then more silence.  I was working at break-neck speed.  Still silence.  Then blood-curdling screams.  Yup!  Disaster!

I found Bee in the hallway with the mop, drenched with water.  She was happily mopping the hall by her bathroom.  Tiger was following along behind her with the little wet vacuum.  And Curly had ice skated down the sopping hall and landed right on her rear, hence the screaming.  As I went sailing down the entry hall, I quickly learned that they had soaked more than one hallway.  Bee and Tiger turned to run and you can you guess what happened next.  Crash!

That took quite a bit of clean up and most of the clean towels.  After that, I had to add laundry to my growing to-do list.  That was right after dishes which were still not done.

The halls were soaked, part of the wood floor was soaked, the bathroom was soaked, the cabinets were soaked, and the counters were soaked.  What a mess!  But the floors were very clean after that.

However, I, being ever concerned about learning opportunities, taught them a new vocabulary word-hazardous.  And for the rest of the day they used that word every chance they got.  Ha!  I can be an unschooler when I want to be!

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4 thoughts on “Vocabulary Lesson

  1. LOL

    Sorry. I don't think it would be funny if it was ME having to clean up and comfort fallen kids.

    But it is kinda funny because it's so REAL.

    The day in the life of a Mom, huh? Always an adventure!

    Stopping by from the Hip Homeschool Hop!

  2. I was a little worn out that day. But it was totally priceless when the 2-year-old used the word hazardous at the dinner table. It could not have been cuter. Since that day, I have learned to put the mop away in a very HIGH spot. Such a mess!

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