Homeschooling and Teaching Mythology

As Christians, should we teach mythology?  And if we feel we should study mythology, when should it be introduced?

I’ve noticed that in some homeschooling circles you can get yourself shunned pretty quickly if you are studying the legends and myths of other cultures.  On the other hand, there are other circles in which the children are so well-read in classical literature that I would be intimidated to get too deep into a discussion of mythology and other cultures.

So, where do we fit?

We’re mostly classical homeschoolers, so I plan on teaching the great works and introducing the myths, legends, and religions of other cultures.  I’ll even introduce them at a young age.  We’ve already started learning about them.

So why do I teach mythology and why do I start now?

1)  I want my children to be aware that there are many who do not share our values and beliefs.  We don’t live in a bubble and we encounter those individuals frequently. 
2)  Learning about other cultures and religions demonstrates how and why our beliefs are different.  I feel that this understanding deepens the foundation of their faith.
3)  Since we will meet those who believe differently than we do, and we will also encounter references to other gods and to mythology; I would rather my children learn the differences from me.
4)  Learning about other religions and other gods gives me more opportunity to point them back to the Bible and to teach them absolute truth and where to find that truth.

As my children become older I hope to further explore the differences in Christianity and other religions.  I want my children to be prepared to defend their faith; however, I believe we can begin simple apologetics right now.

And if I was worried that the introduction of other religions, myths, and gods has confused my children, the latest comments from Curly have dispelled that fear: 

Curly was having a discussion with her grandma about ancient Egypt and she matter-of-factly stated: Some people believe differently.

She also told me: The ancient Egyptians were confused.  They must not have read the Bible.  They did have really good imaginations though!

People believe differently.  We don’t have to agree.  We know what we believe and where to find truth.  Yet, we can still be courteous.

Yes, mythology can be introduced at a young age.

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