Day in the Life October 18

Some of my favorite blog posts to read are the “day in the life” type posts.  It is fun, interesting, encouraging, and often hilarious to read accounts of a homeschool day.  So, to keep a record of the chaos here and to one day be able to look back with a smile, here is our day….
7 am – Oops!  I overslept……..again!  My hubby told me the alarm went off 4 times and I slept through it all.  Must buy mega-alarm clock!
7:30 am – Hungry baby.  And then I’m attacked by 3 other little hungry people.
8 am – Breakfast.  Oatmeal.  Not very original, but it works.  During breakfast, I bounce Ladybug on one leg while I read science, Bible, and history to Tiger.
8:30 am – I try to actually eat some of my breakfast and Ladybug works really hard to help me.  Narrowly avoid a broken dish.
9 am – The kids are taking over the living room which is now a restaurant in outer space, and they are serving up food from their shopping carts.  I can see half the floor.  But thankfully, it is Ladybug’s naptime.  Then I try to convince the kids to do some school for an hour before Ladybug is awake again.
9:15 am – We get through Tiger’s All About Reading lessons and learn about the letter M.  Then he and Bee make a huge mess with a piece of yellow construction paper, a hole punch, and glue.  It’s Swiss cheese!  (M for mouse) 
9:30 am – While Tiger and Bee are busy, we begin our Phonics Road lesson.  First up, new spelling words.  Then we review some spelling rules and words from previous weeks.  Then we cover some grammar.  During this time, I helped with the hole punch 4 times, unclogged the glue twice, and rescued Bee when she fell off the art table bench.
10:15 am – Ladybug is awake again.  Teething isn’t fun!  I let the older kids lose to finish the mess they began in the living room and I feed Ladybug…….again.
11 am – I trap all the kids in the homeschool room for Bible time.  They are actually willing victims when it comes to Bible-it’s a favorite subject for everyone.  Bee and Tiger color while we begin with the timeline cards.  Then we review some previous lessons before beginning our study on the life of Jesus.  Today, we learned about Jesus’ trip to Jerusalem and his teachings in the temple.  Ladybug hangs out on my hip and pulls my hair as we finally get to the song portion.  The kids sing at the top of their lungs as we dance around the room……”He’s got the whole world in His hands…”  During Bible time, Bee only fell of her bench twice and then got stuck behind the schoolhouse tent.  
11:30 am – Time for a short piano lesson.  Curly plays one song.  Tiger pounds for a minute.  Then Bee gets a turn.  And on and on and on while Ladybug tries to eat my shoulder.  Bee and Tiger do eventually get bored and leave us to finish our lesson in peace.  Then our lesson is interrupted by a streaker…..time to move on to something new as that eliminated our concentration.  I chase down the little person who is sans clothing and we have a re-dress after a potty break.
12 pm – Lunch!  Finally!  I warm up some leftovers (what would we do without leftovers???) and we settle around the table.  We watch some episodes of “How It’s Made” on the iPad while we eat, I think we watched how soap, flutes, candles, and mirrors are made.  It’s educational!
12:30 pm – The kids are off to play while I clean up Ladybug, read her some books, and settle her in for a nap.  And the nap seems to be successful.
1 pm – We all pile on the couch to read picture books, art books, and some of our read alouds.
1:30 pm – Rest time for Bee.  How many times will I have to take her back to her room today?
1:45 pm – Math time!  First for Tiger, then for Curly.
2:15 pm – Science.  Today we’re reading about the moon!  We go in to the closet with a flashlight and a CD to talk about reflection.  They take turns being the moon and the earth, and of course, argue about who will be the sun.  I get hit with the flashlight and call an end to our dark closet adventure.
2:30 pm – Tiger has some rest time.  During this time, he destroys his room.  Curly does some history reading, workbooks, narration, lapbooks, and then reads to me from one of her readers.
3:15 pm – Curly is finishing her work when Tiger reappears.  He sneaks up on me bringing several guns made of interlocking cubes.  He joins us for our history project.
3:45 pm – We wake Bee for art time.   She refuses to get out of bed until bribed with the thought of art projects.  Now she’s up!
4:00 pm – Ladybug is awake and she gets to eat again while the kids finish their art projects.
4:30 pm – Everyone has a snack and then we head outside to wait for Daddy.  We decorate the drive way as we wait.  Then we collect pine needles.  Wouldn’t Charlotte Mason be proud??
6 pm – We’ve been so busy playing with Daddy outside that we didn’t realize it was dinner time.  Inside for the dinner of champions-cereal!
6:30 pm – A quick grocery trip before bedtime.
7:15 pm – Home again.  Jammies on, teeth brushed, baby fed, and everyone on the couch.  Praise and worship time!  Bible songs, AWANA verses, and prayer time.
7:45 pm – Daddy puts the littles to bed and Curly has violin time with me.  She also finishes up a little work from the day and we enjoy the peaceful time together.
8:30 pm – Bedtime for them!  Treadmill and blog time for me!
Whew!  Then it’s time to do it all over again tomorrow!

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