Come Backs

Don’t you get tired of all the disparaging remarks about homeschooling?  Or really about children in general?

Lately, I’ve had so many “bless your hearts” and “you have your hands full” and “I just don’t have the patience.”  I usually just smile and nod and move on.  But I think I’m going to have to come up with some little come backs.  These people are going to have to find someone else to pick on.

Thinking about some come backs made me wonder what the kids think of all these comments.  Because when we’re all out together, these comments are always made right in front of the kids.  I never thought about these remarks through their little eyes and ears.  But how would it feel to be looked at as a bother or as a source of frustration?  Yes, I’ve got to get some come backs.

So to the “bless your heart” crowd:  God has, 4 times over……
I see my kids as blessings, and I want others to get that message.  If they don’t view their own that way, it’s their loss.

And to the “you have your hands full” gallery:  Yes, full of good things
My kids are pretty darn sweet (most of the time) and I don’t appreciate people acting like they should be a constant source of exasperation.

What about the “I don’t have the patience” mob:  I don’t either.  I have a conviction and God equips me with the patience.
Who does have the patience?  If you do, I’d love to meet you.  Maybe you should come parent and homeschool my kids too.  God gives me the patience to get through each day, days full of mistakes and forgiveness, but lots of learning opportunities. 

And the “I just couldn’t spend all day with them” group:  If my kids acted like yours, I wouldn’t blame  you! 
No, would I really be that brave?  Tempting………very, very tempting!

2 thoughts on “Come Backs

  1. Amen, Lexi. When people say these things to me or even just about having two small boys in general, I just wonder why they assume this life was forced upon me against my will. Ummm, I chose this. I'm pretty happy with it. Please, don't feel sorry for me.

  2. That's true! Pity is not what I'm looking for. Yesterday I was told I deserve a special place in heaven because I homeschooled. Wow! I think homeschooling can be a little bit of heaven-because I would miss my kids terribly if I sent them away all day!

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