Bible Study Guide for All Ages Review

I looked at this curriculum several times but could not figure out what I would need to order to make it work.  It just seemed…….overwhelming.  Then I talked with a mom who used it and she steered me in the right direction so I took the plunge and ordered it.

I have the beginner student pages for Unit 1 which consists of 104 lessons.

I ordered the Beginner Timeline.

And the CD of memory work songs.

Each lesson begins with Learn the Basics which directs us to a timeline page to learn.

Next is the Sing and Remember section.  Here you review a song or two from the CD and work through the review questions from previous lessons as well as do any memory work, such as books of the Bible.

The Get Active section lists some hands on ways to demonstrate the principles of the lesson using blocks or other simple items.

After completing these sections on the front of the page, you turn the page over to the Discover the Bible section.  The left column is a narrative of the Bible story and the right side of the page contains the picture version of the story.  Each picture box is labelled with a number to correspond to that section of the narrative story.  The narrative also contains simple directions like “color Joseph blue” or “circle the picture that shows what Joseph did next.”  The top of this section lists the Biblical reference for the story if you choose to follow up the narrative with reading the Scripture aloud.

For the close of the lesson, you would turn the page over to the front and complete the Apply It section.  This section helps the student apply the principles or character qualities demonstrated in the lesson to their life.  The picture on the front page goes along with the lesson from this section.

What did we think? The Timeline cards and Memory Work CD are great aids to help my children remember people, places, and events in the Bible.  Even my preschoolers are picking up on many facts from the stories.
The stories are written simply, but closely follow the text of the Scripture.  The simple pictures that illustrate the story are an excellent visual for helping Curly understand and follow the story.  The program contains excellent review and a detailed coverage of the Biblical stories.
Overall, Curly loves her Bible time and looks forward to the review and the new stories.  She enjoys coloring the pages and completing the simple instructions which help reinforce the lessons.  So far, she has retained everything we have covered and asks for Bible time.
I have found the program to be thorough yet fun, but more importantly, doable.  Bible is getting done, character lessons are being applied, and Bible facts are being retained.  For us, this program is open-and-go and takes about 20-30 minutes to complete a lesson.  We cover 4 lessons a week and our fifth day is reading the Bible stories out of a storybook Bible to reinforce the material we covered that week.
I am so excited to have found this program and plan to continue using it, especially when the other kids begin to join in.  Being able to study the same Bible stories with each child, just at their varying levels of understanding, will simplify our Bible time and allow us to have our time together.

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