Student Schedules

The kids are always asking me, What’s next? and When are we going to do such and such?and What is after such and such?  And even if I answer their question 50 times, it still pops back up.  Rather than try to recite the schedule 20 times a day, I made them their own schedules.

I typed Curly a simple schedule into a table on Word.  It lists what she is doing for each 30 minute block of our day.  She is able to consult her schedule and figure out for herself what is coming next or when art time will be.  I know she’ll soon have it memorized, but I hope it will help us get through the first few months so I won’t have to sound like a broken record.   
The good: She doesn’t ask me the constant question of what will be next.   
The bad: She has become the schedule police and informs me any time she thinks we are “off schedule”.
The schedule is a guide and I can modify it or I can change it-I’m the boss!  She doesn’t quite understand that yet.  Flexibility is not her forte….

I thought I would make Tiger a schedule as well because he chimes in right after Curly with the endless questions.  Since he can’t read, his schedule is picture-driven.  It only took me going through the schedule twice with him before he understood exactly what each item meant.  Now he has become as much as a slave driver as Curly.  He enjoys telling Bee exactly what to do after consulting his schedule.

However, the schedule has cut down on the fussing when we change activities because they already know what is coming next and we’re consistent.  I just let the schedule be the bad guy and it’s amazing what we can accomplish.  Maybe soon the kids can have their own planners and do their own planning…….but then I think I would miss the planning.

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