Scheduling and the Block Schedule

I recently discovered the Block Schedule.  I know, where have I been?  This is making my life so much easier (and also less boring).

Before I talk about my new schedule revolution, let me explain how I plan.  I plan by the week.  I have a grid with 4 rows-one for each week.  At the top, I have a subject listed for each column.  Then I simply put in what we need to complete for that subject for each week.  I can’t plan by the day because I will always be changing my plans-some days we do more, some days less, some days we even finish most of what I had planned for one subject for that week.  I don’t like those daily grids!  They just make things too inflexible and make my days feel choppy.  So, I plan by the week.

I also plan some breaks into my schedule.  About every 6 weeks, I plan a review week.  If we’ve survived the previous 6 weeks, we take a break during that week and read and do extra projects or unit studies or take some extra field trips.  If we had a train wreck week, then I always know that there’s a review week coming soon where I can make up for lost time.  No stress, right!?

But I was having trouble wrapping my brain around planning for Tapestry of Grace.  What do you do for your first week?  Why, Week 1 of course!  But……….how?  Where do you even start?  Then I read some advice from a TOG mom who said she used a block schedule.  That just simplified my planning!

I use my daily schedule and during our history time I use my little block schedule to know what we need to cover for history that day. 
Monday: Vocabulary and History Reading
Tuesday: People and History In Depth
Wednesday: Mapwork and Literature
Thursday: Lapbook and Extra Resources
Friday: Narration and Projects

Of course, we usually end up reading most of the books nearly every day as my kids are loving our reading times.  But with our block schedule I feel like we cover what we need to for each week, and it keeps each day a little different.  I like the variety!

The block schedule is working so well with history that I’ve used it in a few other areas as well.  Our Totschool has a block schedule:
Monday: Music/Circle Time
Tuesday: Art
Wednesday: Ideas from Slow and Steady, Get Me Ready
Thursday: Hands On Ideas (playdoh, sensory tubs, etc)
Friday: PE (balls, parachute play, bowling down the hall, jumping on the couch)  Can you tell that we’re usually a little crazy by Friday?

Block schedule for Art:
Monday: Art in the style of a famous artist (We use this series for reference.)
Tuesday: Art ideas from Preschool Art
Wednesday: Free art with music (we paint, we glue, we cut, we stamp, we get very messy!)
Thursday: Art ideas from Preschool Art
Friday: Artistic Pursuits

And I’m also using it for Curly’s workbook schedule:
Monday: Logic
Tuesday: Geography
Wednesday: Logic
Thursday: Vocabulary

Clearly, I’ve gone a little block schedule crazy but it is working so well for us.  Variety!!  Why did I not think of this sooner?

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  1. Lexi,
    I'm using a block schedule too. Collin has 8 subjects and I divided them up so that we do all of them at least twice, plus Bible and Math each day. You can read about it under Homeschooling on my blog.
    Looks great!

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