After looking through all the curricula for this school year I had a moment of panic thinking that it was way too much.  So, I typed out a schedule to help us make sure we cover the things we need to each day.  I divided up our day into 30 minute blocks and planned what each child would be doing during each block of time-and who I would be working with during those times. 

I tried to schedule breaks of play time and game time between some of our subjects to help break up the day and to burn off some extra little people energy.

I also scheduled time with Bee first thing after breakfast so I make sure she gets some quality time before we begin other things.

I kept the schedule short with 30 increments for each item to account for the short attention span and to keep the flow of our day moving.  This means less opportunity for boredom and less fighting!

I even color-coded my schedule!  Actually, let’s be honest, Prince Charming made the spreadsheet, typed most of it in there, formatted it, and color-coded it.  And then he fixed it when I messed it up…..twice.  But hey, I did at least come up with the schedule!

So, here’s a link to what our day looks like………….

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