Kindergarten Graduation

Well, this post is actually a flashback.  I’m a little behind in going through all my pictures.  Something about the convenience of a camera in a cell phone-I take so many pictures.

To cap off our school year we had an awards ceremony.  We also celebrated Curly’s graduation from Kindergarten.  All the grandparents came for the occasion and even a great grandma.  We had a noisy house that day!

Our ceremony was just one of the many traditions we try to implement in our homeschool to make cherished memories and to celebrate the kids achievements.

Curly wore a new dress for her special day.

 The little princess kept “posing” for all of her pictures!
This is our “Meme”

She looked precious in her little cap and gown.

 She looks so grown up!  Sigh….

The kids were thrilled with their achievement awards and character awards.  Curly was awarded for her Creativity, Tiger for his Loyalty, and Bee for her Compassion.

Curly was presented with her diploma and some flowers from Daddy.  

She was beaming…

I think the grandparents were excited and we were so glad everyone could make it.  How could we resist a chance to show off our kiddos and all the progress they made throughout the year?

What a blessing to be able to teach them, learn with them, disciple them, and cherish each moment.  Homeschooling is really about family togetherness and I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

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