Devotions and Kids

One of the favorite parts of our day is our history time.  We are loving Tapestry of Grace which I’m still trying to figure out…
We are covering early Biblical history right now and today we read the story of Noah.  We read about the ark, the animals, the flood, and Curly was struck by the fact that God closed the door of the ark.
But how did he close the door?  I bet He just spoke and the door closed because He is that powerful.  Do you think Noah saw the door shut?  I would look.

Childlike faith and wonder.  She noticed the miracle in that story-one that I overlook each time I read that passage.  She saw the power displayed in the miracle and marveled.

When was the last time I noticed each little nuance of the story and took the time to marvel at the miracles?  It was such a sweet reminder of how much I can miss in my rush to fit in devotions before the kids wake up or before I fall asleep. 
Sometimes the best I can do is to have my devotion time with my kids, but those are often the moments when I often receive the biggest blessing. 

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