Blending Phonograms

We’ve been using the Phonics Road and I really enjoy the program.  It’s wonderful for spelling and it introduces grammar later in the first level.  It is a complete language arts program.

We’ve been very slowly starting level one.  However, we seem to have hit a brick wall, and Curly is struggling with her reading.  Now, the program emphasizes learning to spell first using the spelling rules, and then applying what you’ve learned to read.  It’s a great approach.  But Curly wants to read now!

So, I think we’re going to branch off a little and work on some reading skills using the phonograms that we know.  If we can get proficient in reading some beginning readers, Curly will be happier and I will be too.  Then we can go back into the spelling and continue on with the rules and the grammar portion. 

Reading Made Easy with Blend Phonics was recommended to me as a way to focus on phonics and blending the phonograms.  I think Curly’s biggest struggle is with blending the sounds.  We’re going to try this resource starting in the fall and then possibly start over with Phonics Road Lesson 1 in the fall.  I’m hoping things will click this time and her reading will take off!

I’ve also ordered the phonogram cards that come with the All About Spelling program.  These will add another fun hands on element to our learning.  I could have made them like this blogger……..but it was too easy to add them to my Rainbow Resource order.  We even had the same idea.  I have magnetic strips and small cookie sheets.  Letter magnets!

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  1. I thought about All About Spelling also. I like that Phonics Road incorporates grammar and writing and even literary analysis too. I wanted one program so I wouldn't have to mesh several language arts things together. However, my daughter wanted to read before beginning Phonics Road which is not really the way the program is supposed to work so we did our own thing for reading and are using Phonics Road for everything else. She's doing well in spelling though.

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