Calendar Ideas

With the start of a new year and new semester, I’m working to get organized.  We had a great fall semester and accomplished much but I’m always tweaking our organizational system.  Here is how my calendar works:

The first page for each month is my monthly overview calendar.  I put in major things like doctor appointments and field trips.  Seeing my entire month keeps me from over-committing or over-planning. 

The next page is my monthly cleaning calendar.  We have weekly cleaning planned on the kids’ chore charts with one room being the main focus each day.  The monthly cleaning calendar allows me to focus on one room a week and do more detailed cleaning-clean out a particular drawer, reorganize a cabinet, or clean the freezer.  I pick one room or one project per week and break it down by day.  The tasks end up taking about 10-15 minutes per day.  This helps me rotate through the rooms and keep closets and cabinets from getting over-cluttered.  This week my project was the small pantry.  I organized each drawer and each shelf, doing one per day.

The following two pages are the to-do list.  One page for my hubby and one page for me.  I write major projects that need to be completed that month on the pages.  This allows us to see our projects for each month and find the best times to complete them.  This is where I write any ongoing project we have.

Here is my weekly planning page.  The left column is for me and the right is for my hubby.  I write down our daily to-do list and any errands, phone calls, or tasks that need to be completed on that day.  I put any of hubby’s meetings or other commitments on his page as well as one small honey-do each night.

The page opposite of each weekly planning page is our menu plan for the week.  I plan breakfast, lunch, and dinner ideas for each day.  I also have one column for any baking that I need to do.  So helpful for grocery shopping!

That’s my calendar so far and I can say I’ve gotten a lot more accomplished.  I can actually find things in my pantry after this week!  Hubby appreciates the list that he can look over on his time without any nagging or commentary from me : )

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