The Jungle

The kids decided they wanted a decorated homeschool room and they chose a jungle theme.  So, I used my back to school motivation to redo our room and get ready for the start of our new year.

It started with the lion and progressed from there…
We added some jungle trees for our reading corner.
Then we made some vines.
Monkeys and tree frogs came along somehow.
The art corner needed a flowering bush.
The perfect playdough table.
And here is the finished reading corner with parrots, snakes, monkeys, butterflies, and the comfy chairs.
Easel corner complete with Bee’s chair where she likes to relax.
The lion was lonely and needed a friend.  The green homeschool cabinet full of art supplies and other fun things.
The pocket chart.  This is one of Curly’s favorites.  We have lots of fun cards to change it out.
Our little work table.
Welcome to Lextin Academy!

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